Want JoJo and ToTo To Come To Your School or Event?

JoJo and ToTo believe that every child should love and feel loved. That they should believe that they can do anything, even climb Mount Everest! To have JoJo and ToTo come to your school or event to spread this message with your children, contact us.

Meet The Characters


JoJo is 8 years old. He loves to eat anything that has a banana in it like "Banana Cereal", "Barbeque Banana Burgers" and "Banana Bread".


ToTo is JoJo's little brother. He is 4 years old and he loves swinging from trees, playing "Monkey Ball" playing "Monkey Hopscotch" with his friends.


LoLo is a wise and old lion. He loves it when JoJo and ToTo stop by to play. Download the app to find out how LoLo teaches JoJo about lions.


DoDo is a hard working donkey who is always carrying stuff on his back. Download the app to find out how DoDo teaches JoJo about donkey's.


HoHo is a little hamster who is always getting into trouble. Find out how JoJo and ToTo keep him out of trouble.